Ireland's Leading Tested and Certified Ozone Gas Sanitisation

What is Sanity System?

Sanity System solutions are Tested and Certified portable devices that produce Ozone gas. Ozone gas purifies air and surfaces, quickly ensuring that all surfaces; glass, carpets, walls and hard to reach areas are sanitised and safe for customers and staff.

What does Sanity System do?

  • Sanity System purifies the air using exclusively ozone, yes, the same ozone in the Earth’s atmosphere!

  • It is a medical-grade, eco-friendly way to sanitise.

  • Ozone is a natural gas that removes over 99% of all unpleasant smells, bacteria, molds, fungi, yeasts, pollens & mites, and it inactivates viruses.

  • It also provides fresh oxygen, creating a refreshing environment for your customers and staff.

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Sanity System solutions can work for small and large businesses, with four options for purchase or rental: