Become a Sanity O-Zone! With us, 100% competence and safety

Thanks to Sanity System, you can turn the normal cleanliness activities into a real care and attention action towards the client, because you will reduce the microbial charge present in the environments and minimize the risk of infections and allergies.

Sanitising with ozone in your structure

Quick, easy, effective, safe and cheap. Your clients will be happy to stay in environments free from bad smells and bacteria, main cause of allergies, asthma and infections.

It improves the quality of the indoor air

It prevents the contamination and deterioration of food

It increases the clients’ satisfactions

It distinguish you from the competitors

Become Sanity O-Zone

Being a Sanity O-Zone means to put people’s health in the utmost concern and it is an important step to improve the quality of your service and the image of your establishment. Here many advantages reserved to you!

Costs deduction

You won’t have the necessity to buy detergents and chemical sprays, you won’t have to be worried about keeping reserves in the storehouse.

Manpower optimization

Our Ozone machine is easy to use and completely automatic. During the process technicians may leave to tend to other jobs while the machine is sanitizing and needs no supervision.

Advertising support

Your activity will be inserted in the Sanity O-Zone list of clients on our website and will take advantage from the several promotional campaigns on the social media.

Sanity O-Zone Kit

The Kit contains the official sticker and the certification to hang in your establishment..

Sanity system ozone

Get in touch today and become an O-Zone ensuring safety for your customers and staff!

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