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Our generators of ozone are designed to sanitize and deodorize the air of little, middle and big environments and to hygienize little quantities of water depending on the model.

Models and features

Sanity System devices purify air and water using exclusively ozone, without employing chemical detergents or other disinfectant materials.

An automatic electrical box manages the whole process of sanitising in complete autonomy, from the generation of ozone, starting from the air present in the room, to its reconversion in oxygen. It’s sufficient to push the switch and the problem is solved! In this way, all the results are simple and quick. It doesn’t require any specific technical competence.

Unlike most of sanitisers on the market, our generators are provided with the “Safe System”, a device, which at the end of the sanitising program, catches automatically the residual ozone and it reconverts it in oxygen. This system allows you to get back to the normal activities inside the room just after the conclusion of the treatment and to go back into the room in total safety, as required by the law D.Lgs 81/2008 (, Unique Text in the subject of health and safety protection in the working places.


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Sanitising vehicles

sany car


Sanitising small rooms


Sanification of environments medium and large


Sanitising air and water